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Autumn and Scott/Elopement at Nanuku Resort!

I love Elopement as its private and more intimacy!It doesn't involve lots of Planing as its just the couple and everything its about them.

For Autumn and Scott they from the Unites States and being on the other side of the world and talking to someone you haven't met or see can be stressing but I suggested that apart from emailing back and forth it would be nice if we can do zoom call so we can see each other and its the best way for them to know about me and it assures them that I'm the same person that they've emailing, not only that Im their choice photographer as well.We had a good time on our zoom meeting, especially seeing each other and it was a nice way to connect with them, especially when I will be capturing the most special day of their life.

Nanuku was their choice and I highly recommend to anyone that is looking to elope here in Fiji.On their wedding day they were upgraded to another room with their own pool.

Autumn and Scott were so relaxed and very laid back. Nanuku did all the styling with the wedding arch for ceremony and laying a traditional mat for them to stand on, everything was so special.

Autumn's hair and makeup was done by the most talented artist Ash Phaneuf and this guy got a magic touch.

Thank you again Autumn and Scott for choosing New Light Photography + Film

Happy scrolling !

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