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Hannah + Oliver

Updated: Jan 17

I met Hannah and Oliver two months before their wedding day, They drove from Auckland to Rotorua, and we went out to the woods for some Pre Wedding Shoot.The love they have for each other is indescribable, so much love that it just melt my my heart.

Hannah & Oliver are both Ambulance officers and they first met when they were in uni.

The Wedding ceremony was at Kaiua, and it is widely considered as one of the most idyllic location to have a wedding, especially of the beaches lining its coast are so spectacular.Hannah's aunty owns one of the property along that coast where they had their wedding ceremony.

It was the most perfect day, Family coming together helping setting up for ceremony, preparing food for lunch, it was very lay back and surrounded with beautiful people and I'am thankful to be part of their Special day.

She did her first look with her dad and brides maid before she went to the ceremony!

For the reception it was at the Pukekohe rugby club!All in all it was indeed a prefect day, beautiful people and yummy food.

For me it has been an honour to partake in their most Special Day

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